Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Godly Therapy

Defeating Anxiety
by Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore has written a "winner." I met Ralph many years ago in seminars and have visited Hope Chapel there in Hawaii. In each of those settings, it did not seem that anxiety would ever be a problem. This personal testimony is a common sense approach (and God gives us common sense if we let him.)

I strongly believe in divine healing, but God does not choose to give out miracles to everyone. As long as we are on this earth, suffering will be a part of our life--and those afflictions will be different for each of us. Ralph makes a great case for allowing various approaches to dealing with maladies.

Until 5 years ago, I had hardly taken an aspirin. I abhor the thought of medicine. But external circumstances put me in a hospital on an extended stay with major surgery and subsequent complications.

My opinion of Ralph has been great, and it is now even greater. Learning to trust God in our weakness is a great Pauline teaching. Living these truths touch many more lives than our successes. Thank God for this living example of overcoming grace.      

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