Saturday, December 21, 2013


Forgiveness:  Overcoming the Impossible
Matthew West

Addressing one of the fundamental issues in human relations, Matthew tackles the difficult subject and presents an excellent approach.  This is not a theology or clinical therapy instruction manual. It is a collection of real life situations where forgiveness was the crucial issue.

In an era when “bullying” seems to capture the media’s attention, we must all admit that life is chocked full of circumstances in which we are hurt.  Whether intentional or unintentional, the hurt is there.  All of the social engineering will not ever erase the friction of relationships.  A better response is to teach forgiveness.  When forgiveness is prevalent, bullying becomes ineffective.

As Matthew clearly points out repeatedly, it that the one doing the forgiving who benefits the most.  Forgiveness is our constant “get out of jail” card that grants us eternal freedom.  Obviously, forgiveness is not an innate trait, and we must rely on the grace of God to enable us to have this forgiving heart.  But God can strengthen our resolve so that forgiveness is not just an event, but becomes a way of life.  

His broad topics, “Forgiving Others,” “Asking for Forgiveness,” “Forgiving Ourselves,” and “Embracing God’s Forgiveness,” are timely and equally important.  Anyone struggling with bitterness will find that Matthew has pointed the way to abundant life in Christ.