Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Discovering Leadership at All Levels

A review of John Maxwell’s “The 360 Leader”

The general nature of our culture is to grant too much credence to those in positions of leadership.  While Maxwell’s maxims are applicable to the business environment, they are more needed in the church.  People in the pew often do not see their importance and defer to the supposed wisdom of the designated leader, when God can grant every person a significant amount of wisdom.  The church functions best when there is collective wisdom, and everyone is valued for their contribution.

The scope of leadership is determined by the depth of character, and Maxwell encourages those in the middle or lower echelons of organizations to develop their leadership qualities.  No entity can be their best without leadership being exercised at every level.  The biblical principle of giving first, before receiving, certainly applies in the Kingdom. 

I’ve known John, as well as family members, and that allows me to evaluate this author on a different plane.  John’s teachings were hammered out in real life in his various ministry assignments.  While the book seems to be wordy at times, the basic message needs repeating and reliving over and over.  Regardless of where one is in his/her development, this book will add value to your thinking and your life.