Tuesday, July 2, 2013

God Makes Lemonade

When God Makes Lemonade
Don Jacobson

I primarily read books that challenge my mind.  I love learning new things and gaining insights into scriptural truths.  I read few novels.  Jacobson has compiled a great collection of stories who share a common theme.  Life often hands us unpleasant circumstances, and usually we attribute those negative factors to the devil. 

We would love to believe that we are intelligent enough to choose the path in life that would bring us the greatest success as well as satisfaction.  God is more concerned with developing our character and expanding our horizons.  In each of the stories, some kind of “tragedy” occurs.  Most of the time the people involved could not see how those events would be the things that would bring them great benefit.  But serving an all-wise and loving God we discover that God knows far more than we do about ourselves.

In our most difficult circumstances God not only shows His true character, but we discover a lot about who we are.  When we can embrace those disappointments, we discover that God had planned it all along to bring us into His plans.  We reap the greatest benefit when we accept those difficult circumstances with patience and joy.  “All things still work together for our good.”  Read with anticipation for you will be blessed.  I’ve discovered as I’ve aged that life stories touch me deeper than ever.  

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