Friday, June 29, 2012

Father Hunger

Father Hunger
Douglas Wilson

Since fatherhood has been around since creation, it would seem there wouldn’t be a lot of new things to say about the role of a father.  However, Douglas Wilson not only offers some fresh insights into the problems so prevalent in our generation, he knocks a home run.  In truth, perhaps it’s a grand slam.  It’s a must read for fathers and pastors, as well as counselors.

Having reared four daughters, and now seeing them rear their children, my view on fatherhood has been molded not only by scripture but life experience.  While Wilson does not give us much insight into his personal relationships with his own children (3) and grandchildren (15), he obviously had to try his theories in the crucible of life.

He is able to extrapolate deep principles, and I found his understanding to be extremely invigorating.  It seems God has directed me along many of the same paths, and the extracted truths were affirming.  I believe he has been true to the scriptures.  Correctly describing the conditions both in our country and the church, he offers difficult but real solutions.

One point that was particularly pungent was his section on “Discipline as Gift and Gratitude.”  I have discovered the connection between spirituality and gratitude, and this was significant addition to my understanding.  I am grateful for the wholesome relationship I have with my daughters, even if I stumbled into doing some things correctly.