Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Forward: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders
Ronnie W. Floyd

Pastor Floyd uses his own journey to share some basic truths with us.  My own journey has confirmed the conclusions he has reached.  While truth is absolute, we can choose our perspective where we get stuck in history or anticipate God’s future for us.  While salvation addresses our past, its focus is always on what we can become through grace.

I, too, have struggled with the approach some have taken to be uni-generational.  The idea of the “family of God” requires us to relate to every generation. Since God’s Kingdom functions by faith, it is by nature forward looking.  While the current culture is in an uproar over culture and its various sensitivities, God calls us to minister to all cultures. 

Teachability is primarily about attitude.  It requires humility.  The pride of our age prohibits us from truly learning God’s wisdom.  His chapter on compassion was good, but his definition lacked the needed emphasis on actions.  Jesus was “moved” with compassion, and sympathy for others’ plights is not enough. 

His final distinguishing mark is that we must be “driven by something more.”  Good is the enemy of best; satisfaction is deadly.  Striving to be more Christ-like is the heart of every disciple.  Don’t settle for mediocrity.  His call for “forward leaders” has never been more urgent!  Read the book, and increase your leadership!