Saturday, September 1, 2012

By Faith, Not By Sight

Scott MacIntyre’s story is a contrast to the prevailing philosophies of accepting defeat and settling for being a victim.  This story shows the myriad of complications that often are strewn in our life’s pathway.  Being a good person or coming from a good family are not exemptions from trouble.  Troubles are often the tool that God allows to make us strong.  The MacIntyre family is a great example of how, in working together, every difficulty can become a stepping stone to greatness.

I appreciated the frank admission of struggling with faith.  God knows that we have less than full understanding and assists us in discernment in assessing these challenges.  Faith doesn’t come to us in perfect proportions, and has to be grown—most often is small steps of obedience.    It wasn’t enough for Scott to simply cope with the difficulties he encountered, he determined to overcome and then excel.  This book certainly was a major inspiration to me, and confirms my journey which includes many challenges—different ones from Scott, but big to me.

Faith is described as things which are “not seen” but as this story describes, mature faith becomes sight.  Scott certainly sees what many others with physical eyesight have missed.  Faith refuses to rely on what is seen in the natural world.  I choose to live by faith.

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