Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Founder's Key

The Founder’s Key by Larry Arnn

Since we are in the midst of a political year, this book has special meaning.  It is not only an excellent treatise on the founding of our nation, but it serves as a clarion call to return to the principles that guided us to greatness.  As our Declaration of Independence declares, the basic assumptions of all the founding documents were “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”  Those he identifies as “Progressives” have made a concerted effort not only to abandon that foundation, but to redefine the words to further confuse the issues.

The work is certainly scholarly and is not “preachy” in its content.  Arnn seems to have captured the spirit of the founding gentlemen recognizing both strengths and weaknesses that were acknowledged.  I particularly liked his analysis of the synchronicity between the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.  Our nation is suffering from self-inflicted wounds that are represented by the departure from the principles expressed in these two documents.

Arnn presents a well-documented thesis that should be recommended reading for every student in America, including college students.  I am glad that the Hillsdale College students have access to this superior teaching.  Supplementing the two founding documents are some of the Federalist papers by James Madison.  Few in America have even read these insightful documents.  We ignore  this book at great peril to the soul of this nation.

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