Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Am a Follower

Leonard Sweet

Leonard has challenged the status quo thinking regarding leadership.  In so doing, he moves us away from the secular thinking of our time and back to the philosophies of scripture.  Using Jesus’ claim that He was the “way, truth, and life” Leonard builds a case for counter culture living.

While many of Sweet’s prior writings have focused on current practices within the church, this book is a significant departure from those theoretical foundations.  I’m not sure if he has experienced some new breakthrough in his understanding of the nature of Christ, but this book affirmed my spirit more than all his other books put together.

I have for a long time had a discomfort with the emphasis on “strengths,” whether in personality traits or in particular talents.  While various methodologies might help someone become “successful” when measured quantitatively, God more often uses our weaknesses to impart grace.  After all, grace is the power that transforms us.

Leonard has truly struck a new (rediscovered old) chord in rephrasing Paul’s injunction, “Follow me as I follow……….”  This book cannot be read lightly, but its alignment with the scriptural message “to follow” is quite convicting.  I trust the church will heed the message and emphasize anew Jesus’ requirement to “follow Him.”

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