Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sun Stand Still

Sun Stand Still
Steven Furtick

The book Sun Stand Still presents several contrasts to me.  Steven is to be admired for being a man of incredible action, and the results that God has accomplished through him is a powerful testimony to the faith of which he writes. 

His terminology such as the word audacious seems to be borrowed from current business culture, and at times the philosophy seems to mirror it.  Sometimes I had the feeling that I was reading the brashness of youth.  Nevertheless he balanced the boldness of believing with other biblical concepts of discovering God’s will before launching a faith attack.

He also dealt with the issue that God’s does not always give us prosperity and success.  God sometimes uses difficulties to get more glory to Himself.

But the ultimate message that he gives asking Christian to live a life of faith is not only timely, but desperately needed for our time when we encounter so much mundane and faithless lives.  Churches and their constituents too often live only by what they can see and touch, not by faith.  This book will cause you to re-evaluate your FQ (faith quotient)!

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