Monday, October 6, 2014

The Unforgiveable Sin

Why You Have Not Committed
The Unforgivable Sin
--Jeremy Myers

I remember several preachers mentioning “the unforgivable sin” during the revivals I attended as a boy.  But in the 50 plus years that I have been in ministry, I do not recall anyone ever raising the issue to me.  Obviously, the scriptures that Jeremy cites from the words of Jesus are the spoken truth.

It seems clear that Jeremy is writing to give hope to those who might be struggling with the issue.  He points to the magnitude of Christ’s ability and desire to forgive, while systematically dispelling the various theories that have been offered through the years to explain the “unforgivable sin.”

While there are those who might need assurance that the Holy Spirit is still dealing with people, our primary cultural weakness in America are those who either ignore God, or protest righteousness by their attitudes and actions.  They need to know that God will be in the role of unmerciful judge at the end.  Theologically, Jeremy leaves no room to deal with those the scriptures call “apostate.” 

In the venue of Jeremy’s ministry in the prisons, his book will be very helpful in addressing those who might consider themselves beyond redemption.  And for that I applaud his work.

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  1. Unforgivable Sin....Rejecting Christ, even unto death.
    We must be relentless in evangelizing all those outside of Christ.