Friday, May 11, 2012

Yes, We Can

Our Favorite Sins, by Todd Hunter

We are able to overcome temptation! With God's help, that is.

Todd Hunter addresses an issue that is certainly not new, but too many avoid the question of sin.  At one extreme are those who simply ignore the sins of one’s life and focus on the positive emotions in hopes no one (including God) will notice.  On the other hand, we have those who become obsessed with certain sins (adultery, murder, immodesty, etc.) and ignore these “favorite sins” enumerated in this book.

I find a lot of theological uncertainty in our culture.  Sometimes it is expressed in whether or not overcoming sin is even possible.  Others will contend that we may win some battles.  Myriads have suggested that because of imputed grace we need not concern ourselves with the impartation of holiness.  The failure of many to even address these “favorite sins” is often the result of a theology that admitting sin would be tantamount to moral failure.  Still others refuse to believe that self-discipline and/or development of self-control is our responsibility to co-operate with God and His enabling grace.

The book is neither highly biblical in its approach to overcoming temptation, nor is it practicality with “teeth.”  Nevertheless, I think it adds to helps available to those who need to analyze their lives, and humble seekers will still find significant wisdom in its pages in their quest to walk with God.

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