Saturday, August 13, 2011

Be the People

Carol Swain has written a book that challenges much of current culture’s mindsets.  As a black academic, she has earned the right to be heard simply by overcoming the difficulties that so many others blame for their failures.  I get disgusted with the lame excuses manufactured by the masses.
She correctly discovered that her own journey has parallels in the history of our nation.  Generally, the men and women who came to America had to overcome significant struggles both in leaving their mother countries and in establishing a new home in undeveloped America.  It was often their faith in God that sustained them.
She presents a strong case against history revisionism and refuses to rewrite the stories to accommodate current political correctness.  Her emphasis on the early covenants of those settlers shows the acceptance of responsibility which is the foundation for greatness.

Her call to return to solid moral reasoning serves as a basis to reverse the decline we observe in society in families.  The same philosophy that has cheapened marriage will ultimately destroy any moral bearings.  The same arguments used for gay marriage can also be applied to polygamy, pedophilia, and other perspectives that leave us with no external moral compass.  The polarization of racial differences continues to grow when there is little faith.  Society would be wise to listen to this call to reclaim our faith and its promise to a higher quality of life.

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