Monday, July 18, 2011

A Place Called Blessing

By John Trent

It is not often that I find a book, especially a novel, which captivates me enough to read it in its entirety in a couple days.  A Place Called Blessing engaged me both intellectually and emotionally.  The story line is simple, but well told.  A couple of ironic twists kept the story compelling.

As a husband and father, I’ve come to appreciate Trent’s teachings on The Blessing for several years now.  While not presenting a different philosophy from his prior books, he enlarges our understanding and application in real life situations.  The events in the story could be read in the daily newspapers.  My life journey has intersected enough people to know he understands one of the basic needs of our society.  Even in families that we would label godly, there is often more of a culture of condemnation than blessing. 

He does not attempt to validate the blessing theory in this book with a lot of biblical references but the inferences are clearly there.  Rather, he shows in a functional way how living in a conscious way to be a blessing has profound impact on those whose lives have been scarred.  It is almost impossible for someone to live with the constant edification of blessing and then reject it.  Forty plus years in ministry underscore my belief that the need for blessings shoul be a part of every home, and especially in every church home.  I plan to keep growing in my ability to bless others!

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