Monday, April 11, 2011

Mandino Revisited

Andy Andrews, in his latest book, The Final Summit, weaves a story in both the spirit and general style of Og Mandino.  While both the content and storytelling are decidedly Andrews, this book conjured up visions of some of Mandino’s greatest writings.
I cannot predict whether this series of David Ponder stories will reach classic status such “The Greatest Gift in the World” but it is certain to capture the expectations of a new generation who is eagerly looking for an answer to society’s ills.
Bringing the cast of “visitors” as a means to share the wisdom of the ages is certainly a great ploy.  Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, King David of Israel and many others make their appearance and their contribution.  It is interesting as Andrews creates the interaction between these greats.
As each conclusion is reached, and subsequently scuttled, hope seems to be fading.  And the intermediate answers appear to be quite good as they continue guessing what the conclusion of the final summit is to be.
While I was hoping for some select wisdom to be the conclusion, it was hard not to be disappointed by the end.  It’s definitely worth the read, but it’s hard for me to accept that he discovered “the one principle that will save humanity.”

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