Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Faith, Hope, or Both

Here in the first week of 2011 AD, we see a few making New Year's resolutions, although most are simply going on day by day.  The circumstances in our nation put us into a precarious situation.  Can the government right itself in the economic morass?  Can the nation recover quick enough to present a wholesale meltdown?
Will political clashes continue to produce gridlock?

Perhaps you have encountered personal sickness, bereavement, antagonistic relationships, or other major crises. Your church might be in decline, and a whole host of issues are confronting you.  What should your response be as a dynamic Christian?

Hope exists as long as we can "see" that things will eventually get better.  If we can endure the pain (sometimes by gritting our teeth) and focus on a better future, we can sustain ourselves with hope.  But when all hope is gone, our only sustaining power is faith.  Hope sees what has been, what is, and what could be based on our assessment of available resources.  But it takes faith to see beyond the limitations.  In fact, hope can completely die, and we can still be excited when we have faith.  Faith sees what no human eye can.  When a person has neither faith nor hope, they often opt for suicide (physically, spiritually, and other dimensions).  With faith we are sustained.  With hope, we plod on.  With both, we flourish.

God is the only source for faith.  Get connected and draw on His reservoir to overflow yours.  2011 can be the greatest year of your life!

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